About Us

About Us

The International Union of East Turkistan Organizations (IUETO) is an umbrella institution that represents East Turkistan non-governmental organizations in the diaspora which upholds common ideological principles and political aspirations to carry out the global East Turkistan advocacy campaign through the joint effort and shared responsibilities. The Union headquarters is based in Turkiye and has member organizations in Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, and Pakistan. The Union sets its advocacy principles based on the true nature of the national identity of East Turkistan and its socio-political characteristics. With its consolidated works and multidimensional service platforms, the Union has been gaining increased recognition in diaspora communities by establishing relationships and cooperations with international non-governmental organizations, various government agencies, and institutions, and interested stakeholders including academia, media, and other influential individuals around the world.   It has an effective service structure, organizational capabilities, expert-level qualities, and well-established international network mechanisms. It is led by the executive team who are competent in the international political arena that installed successful execution principles in carrying out the East Turkistan agendas on the global level.

While China forges ahead with an expansionist strategy to disrupt the international order, render international organizations dysfunctional, and spread authoritarianism, and hostility to justice in the world, The Union adapts international common values, justice, and human rights, while carrying out the responsibility to warn humanity from the Chinese threat. The Union and the People of East Turkistan are sharing the same values, understanding, and mindset with international society. The Union aims to create legitimate means to establish sovereign and independent East Turkistan where democracy, human rights, rule of law, national values, and justice are its essential fundamentals. The Union allies with democratic countries and the pro-human rights communities to constitute a global action against the Chinese threat to international order and peace. The Union builds relations with other diaspora communities to exchange experiences and enhance solidarity to carry out joint projects, programs, and events.

The works of the Union include political advocacy, social harmony, education and welfare, media and publication, and humanitarian services for all gender and age groups of East Turkistan citizens both in and out of East Turkistan. All member institutions are well coordinated in performing the above-mentioned works in their specific locations while maintaining the collective representation functions for the interest of the East Turkistan people and national identity.

Objectives of Union

  1. By upholding the historical, political, and territorial independence of East Turkistan and the core interest of the national values, the Union seeks all types of legitimate political, social, religious, and human rights struggles with campaigns and activities for East Turkistan.
  2. To represent the core principles of East Turkistan in the current global political climate by engaging suitable global and regional activities in civil diplomacy, political campaigns, human rights advocacy works, humanitarian appeals, advancement of exchanges, and cooperation with governments, institutions, and organizations around the world.
  3. To create a common platform for the solidarity of conservative movements and organizations of the East Turkistan in Diaspora to achieve reformative goals of unifying the East Turkistan community.
  4. To enhance the significance of organizational work mechanisms by establishing institutional cooperation, practical exchanges, and mutual assistance among member organizations in various countries.
  5. To serve the East Turkistan Diaspora through activities that matter the freedom, welfare, and sustainability by bringing educational, economic, and technological assistance within the capacity of the Union.
  6. To promote all types of human rights activities within the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Law, and International Conventions, to protect the rights of the people of East Turkistan and conduct research and produce human rights reports, and cooperate with international organizations and human rights institutions.
  7. To take action on the most needed humanitarian matters of the East Turkistan community around the world for a better future, improved welfare, and health status. 
  8. To conduct research, establish training centers, courses, academic research centers, academic activities, research institutes, culture, and art centers, and support the established ones, to develop the education of the East Turkistan community in the diaspora.