Abdureşid Eminhaci

Abdureşid Eminhaci

General Secretary

Abdureşid EMINHACI is currently the Secretary-General of the International Union of East Turkistani Organizations. He is a dedicated advocate for his cause, committed to promoting the rights and interests of the East Turkistani people. Abdureşid holds a Master's Degree in Political Science and International Relations from Ibni Haldun University, building upon his undergraduate studies in Islamic science at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University. His journey includes roles such as board vice-chairman at the Satuk Bughrahan Foundation of Science and Civilization and Project Manager at the same foundation. He has also been actively involved as the Secretary-General of the "New Generation Movement of East Turkistan" association and as a co-founder and manager of the non-profit "Semaver" cafe.


Additionally, Abdureşid is a co-founder of the Achil group, an initiative focused on the ideological education of Uyghur youth. His professional path has encompassed diverse experiences, ranging from being a salesman at the "Taklamakan" bookstore to excelling in roles requiring proficiency in IT tools and languages. With fluency in Arabic, Turkish, English, Chinese, and his native Uyghur, Abdureşid is adept at bridging cultures and perspectives. He has further enriched his knowledge by participating in various conferences and courses, such as the Fifth International Universities Debating Championship, Politics and Strategy Training Program, and Young Leadership Boot Camp. Through his multifaceted journey, Abdureşid EMINHACI remains dedicated to advancing the cause he holds dear, leaving a positive impact in his wake.

For inquiries, he can be reached via email at [email protected] or contacted by phone at +095364311999.

Connect with him on social media: @aeminhac

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