About IUF – International Uyghur Forum

International Uyghur Forum

The systematic assimilation, violence policies, and genocide implemented by China against the people of East Turkistan have long occupied the agenda of world public opinion. Hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims are held captive in concentration camps and subjected to torture such as rape and forced sterilization, regardless of sex and age. Millions of people are subjected to genocide by being forced to abandon their religious traditions, cultural practices, and local languages. In addition to the publication of numerous reports by human rights organizations revealing the reality of this genocide) an independent people's tribunal established in London in December 2021 ruled that China committed genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in East Turkistan. The tribunal’s final determination is a valuable step toward preventing genocide against Uyghurs, but there is still a long way to go politically, socially, and economically. To this end, the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), HASENE International, and the International Union of East Turkistan NGOs will organize the International Uyghur Forum in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on November 9-10, 2022 under the motto "Global Response to Uyghur Genocide". The opening of the International Uyghur Forum will be hosted by political groups in the European Parliament and will continue at the Crowne Plaza Brussels hotel.

The Forum aims to provide a global response to the genocide policy of the Chinese administration against Uyghurs and the people in East Turkestan by bringing together international academics, lawyers, politicians, civil society members and Uyghur representatives. Through a series of panel discussions and debates, the Forum aims to discuss the issue of more effective inter-agency coordination against the Uyghur genocide. The Forum will also be an opportunity for people who oppose the genocide to come together around a common discourse and share their ideas on ensuring justice for the people of East Turkistan. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Unrepresentative Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO), Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker (GfbV), CCJO René Cassin, Fair International, International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), and all our other supporters.