Hidayet Oğuzhan

Hidayet Oguzhan



Hidayet Oğuzhan was born on October 16, 1975, in the city of Kashgar, East Turkestan, in a merchant family. 6 siblings, the eldest of the children, married Zeynep Hanim in Kashgar in 1997 and has 4 children. He is fluent in Uyghur, Turkish, English, Arabic, Ordu, and Punjabi languages.

Hidayet Oğuzhan spent his youth years in Pakistan and successfully completed Primary, Secondary, and High School in Pakistan, where he resided since 1984. Afterward, he completed his undergraduate education in Islamic Sciences at the International Islamic Institute in Lahore. He received his master's degree from Punjab University with his study titled "Historical Overview of East Turkestan".

In 2006, to create awareness of brotherhood with his friends, to act in common mind and consultation, to develop and bring awareness of the national identity of East Turkestan people all over the world, to take care that the next generation of East Turkestan will be more educated and more conscious litigants, most importantly, to struggle for the East Turkestan cause. He founded the East Turkistan Maarif Movement and carried out its activities under the name of East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association in order to create a political institution that will undertake the task of the advocacy for the construction of Independent East Turkestan. Until today, under the roof of this movement, more than 20 non-governmental organizations in different countries of the world have been operating based on a common ideology, and doctrine. In 2018, under the presidency of Hidayet Oğuzhan, conservative organizations in the East Turkistan diaspora, which have been operating all over the world, came together and formed the International Union of East Turkestan Organizations, which is an umbrella organization.

Hidayet Oğuzhan was born in Kaşgar to a well-known merchant family. He was a free trader during his student years and is known as a financially successful businessman. Today, Oğuzhan, who has devoted his life to the East Turkestan cause, has a share in a textile business in Turkey with his partners.

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