IUETO strongly condemns China’s deception to mislead Religious Figures through a showcase visit to East Turkistan

IUETO strongly condemns China’s deception to mislead Religious Figures through a showcase visit to East Turkistan

International Union of East Turkistan Organizations strongly condemns the controversial visit led by Ali Rashid Abdulla Ali Alnuaimi, Chairman of the World Muslim Community Council with more than 30 Islamic Figures from 14 Muslim Counties including the  UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Tunisia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who are misled by China’s deceptive showcase in East Turkistan by covering up the truth of the humiliation of Islamic faith of over 35 million Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims with proven crimes against humanity and genocide policies that have been shocking the entire world for over the past years.

During this set-up visit commenced Sunday 8th January 2023, it has been noted that the delegation has been praising the “effort” of China’s Genocide policies in East Turkistan whilst taking sides with China to rebuke the globally concerned Uyghur Genocide realities and whatever the statement made the delegation is purely puffed up by the preprogrammed propaganda mission of Chinese regime to deceive the Muslim leaders, Muslim counties, and general Muslim public.

As a legitimate representative institution for the core interest of East Turkistan and its entire Muslim population that advocates for the freedom and sovereignty of East Turkistan, the International Union of East Turkistan Organizations at this moment express the strongest condemnation against the brutal invasion and destruction policies of Chinese regime into East Turkistan for the past 73 years with accelerated political suppression policies, religious destruction practices, and anti-Islam agendas that shaken the entire world with the unfolding waves of Genocide crimes that aimed to vanish an integral proportion of the Islamic world. We want All members of the Delegation, their respective counties, and the entire Muslim world to know about the evil nature of China’s anti-religious state policies, hidden agendas, and wild ambition to manipulate the true teaching of Islam by deception and falsified promises.

Muslim countries are becoming even more subjective under China’s infiltration policies, economic ties, and unsubstantiated diplomatic relations with China. China’s deception is working finely among Muslim countries and the complete ruination of East Turkistan- once a sovereign nation and the first Islamic Republic on Earth. More than 16000 Religious places are destroyed, over half a million Muslim Uyghur Children had been victims of state-run apostasy agendas of China, millions of Muslims are sent to concentration camps, thousands of healthy Muslims are affected by China’s organ harvesting missions, millions of Islamic literature had been burned and entire Uyghur Muslims have been criminalized for their Islamic faith.

This is what the Islamic leaders are praising, supporting, endorsing, and taking sides with China’s massacre and genocide policies against the Muslims of East Turkistan and the act of the Delegation clearly demonstrates a total betrayal of the teaching of Islam, brotherhood principles of Islam and system of Justices is Islam.

IUETO also firmly condemns the hypocrisy of the Islamic Institute’s head -Abdureqip Tomurniyaz’s falsified statement outlining that “Muslims' freedom of religion has been fully protected, and no one in the region has been treated unfairly due to their beliefs” and we call the Muslim world should engage directly with the Union of the Islamic scholars of East Turkistan to learn the fate of the Uyghur Muslims.

IUETO rejects all false claims of China about East Turkistan and recommends international communities including the Muslim world should regard the diligently not bypassing the shocking realities of East Turkistan. United Nations Human Rights Commission has published a detailed report in August 2022 on the alarming situation of East Turkistan over ten countries have recognized China’s genocide of Uyghurs, and an independent tribunal has ruled out the Genocide crimes of China on Uyghur Muslims and this has been noted as the worst human rights crises of the 21st Century whereas the Muslim nations are in deep sleep to recognize China’s threat, harm and humiliation on Islam by suppressing over 25 million Muslims of East Turkistan.

As a legitimate institution, IUETO aims to establish a dialogue platform with Islamic World and Muslim Countries to convey the truth of East Turkistan and reveal the real nature of the Chinese regime.

IUETO calls for cadet participation of the representatives of the East Turkistan Ulemas Union to the forums of the World Muslim Community Council, World Muslim League, Organization of Islamic Conference, and other Muslim initiatives to present the true narrative of Islamic history of East Turkistan and current situation of Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims plight to engage the brotherhood between the Muslim world and East Turkistan.

IUETO calls on the leaders of the Muslim nations and policymakers to reflect on the following Hadith of our beloved Prophet to wake up our faithful humanity so that all Muslims and countries should never ignore the ongoing plight of Uyghur Muslims of East Turkistan.

Abdullah ibn Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “The Muslim is a brother to another Muslim. He does not wrong him, nor surrender him. Whoever fulfills the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs. Whoever relieves a Muslim from distress, Allah will relieve him from distress on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever covers the faults of a Muslim, Allah will cover his faults on the Day of Resurrection.”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 2422, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2580


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International Union of East Turkistan Organizations