Joint Statement of Muslim Scholars and Organizations against Chinese Misleading Propaganda for The Islamic Region

Joint Statement of Muslim Scholars and Organizations against Chinese Misleading Propaganda for The Islamic Region


In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Thank Allah, and may Allah's blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah,

We, the Commissions of Muslim Scholars and the Participating Organizations, condemn and denounce in the strongest terms the visit of the World Muslim Communities Council (WMCC) to East Turkistan, a visit that justifies the Chinese crime at the expense of the genocide of Muslims in East Turkistan, which is supported by the statements of the Council officials that praise the Chinese achievements in fighting "terrorism" and "extremism" and the ‘’necessity’’ of melting different ethnicities into one crucible. In strange disregard for facts and are supported by evidence and reports issued by various international forums and organizations about the deplorable humanitarian situation in East Turkistan, and Chinese practices which are at the level of Genocide, systematically and continuously practiced against Muslims in East Turkistan.

We jointly support the following statements:

  1. The tragedy of East Turkistan continues, millions remain in Chinese concentration camps. mosques are demolished and some of them are turned into clubs and cafes, Qurans are burned, and all manifestations of Islam have become prohibited. No women with an Islamic veil, No Islamic funeral, No Islamic marriage, and more than that, the relentless war is intensifying to erase the Islamic heritage and Muslim identity of the East Turkistan people, the goal is to sinicize them and strip them of their faith and culture.

  2. We condemn the visit of WMCC’s delegation to East Turkistan, which has been occupied by China since 1949 and calls it "Xinjiang", which came in response to an invitation from the Chinese regime to justify its ugly face.

  3. We affirm that this council does not represent Muslim scholars, nor does it speak in their name, while Muslim scholars' opinion is clear regarding the Muslim issue in East Turkistan.

  4. We call for independent visits by delegations of scholars, politicians, writers, and journalists to the region, in order to inspect the situation of Muslims, visit camps and prisons called rehabilitation centers, conduct an unrestricted investigation, and communicate directly with the East Turkistan people, as well as interview the Uyghur community in the diaspora, to determine the real situation of Muslims in East Turkistan.

  5. We call on any delegation visiting the region not to engage in political calculations that would turn a blind eye to East Turkistan people’s plight and the injustices they live in and not to participate in the genocide by justifying Chinese crimes against the Uyghur people, and this is not appropriate for a free person, as well as being a Muslim scholar.

  6. We, the signatories of this statement, remind all Muslims that China practices deception, lies, and concealment of facts to convince the Islamic world to arrange such visits. And the Muslim world should not be deceived by the Communist Party's lies and should make real efforts to establish the facts and help Muslims who are subjected to genocide, according to reports documented by international organizations such as the United Nations, Amnesty International, and other human rights organizations.

  7. We call on Muslim scholars, communities, organizations, and countries to be aware of the fact that the East Turkistan issue is the most urgent matter for the whole Muslim community and humanity and to recognize China’s sinicization of Islam and the eradication of Muslim identity as a war against Islam and Muslims, and to recognize the Genocide which is caused by the occupation of East Turkistan, and to place the occupied East Turkistan under international supervision for the protection of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims there and the termination of the Chinese colonization.




International Union of East Turkistan Organizations

Association of Palestinian Scholars Abroad

Wisdom Association

Association of Muslim Scholars

Minority Studies Center

Secretary General of the Committee for the Support of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace

Secretary General of the Association of Sunni Scholars

Lawyer in international law

Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq

Libyan Scholars Association

Assistant Secretary General of the Maghreb Scholars Association

Yemeni Renaissance Association

Yemen Scholars Association

President of the Academy of International Relations

Secretary General of the International Commission for the Liberation of Prisoners and Detainees

Iraq Scholars and Advocates Association

International Association for Rights and Freedoms

Istanbul Human Rights Association

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Scientific and Intellectual Research Center (IFAM)



The Cordoba Foundation, UK

East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association

Satuk Buğrahan Science and Civilization Foundation

East Turkistan Human Rights Watch Association

East Turkistan Ulemas Association

East Turkistan Press and Media Association

Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid Association

East Turkistan Nuzugum Culture and Family Association

Uyghur Science and Civilization Research Foundation

East Turkistan Entrepreneurial Tradesmen and Industrial Businessmen Association

East Turkistan New Generation Movement

East Turkistan Sports and Development Association

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Science and Irfan Foundation

Hira Foundation

Furkan Education and Solidarity Association

Swedish  Uyghur Education Association (UIGURISKA UTBILDNINGSFÖR ENINGEN)

European East Turkistan Education Association (STICHTING EUROPA OOST TURKISTAN EDUCATIE CENTRUM)

Finland Uyghur Cultural Association


Science Service Assistance and Solidarity Association

Abdusattar Hacı Saidiye Science and Knowledge Association

Indonesia Save Uyghur

Free Uyghur Now

Malaysia Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM)

Libyan Scholars Association

Libyan Fatwa House

Konya Non-Govermental Organizations Platform

International Lawyers Association

Iraq Scholars and Advocates Association

Union of Volunteer Organizations of Türkiye

IHH Humanitarian Aid Foundation

Society for The Enlightenment of The Ummah Malaysia (WADAH)

Justice for All

Malaysia 4 Uyghur



Dr. Nawaf Takrouri

Sheikh Faisal Al-Safi

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Karim

Prof. Dr. Wasfi Ashour Abu Zeid

Dr. Mohamed Al-Saghir

Prof. Dr. Walid Al-Tabtabaei

Yasin Aktay

Prof. Dr. Gamal Abdel Sattar

Dr. Tariq Shandab

Dr. Essam Abdel Shafi

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Hasani Al-Shanqeeti

Dr. Abdullah Al-Zindani

Dr. Abdullah Al Qubaisi

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hashidi

Dr. Karem Al-Azzawi

Dr. Saeed Al-Lafi

Professor Dr. Sami Al-Saadi

Magdy Salem

Prof. Dr. Khaled Beydoun

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Refik KORKUSUZ

Av. Necati Ceylan

Reşat Petek

Prof. Dr. Celal Erbay

Dr. İhsan Şenocak

Abdullah Kadıoğlu

Dr. Mohamed Al-Saghir

Maira Khan

Dr. Enes Al Tikriti

Hidayet Oğuzhan

Dr.Alimcan Buğda

Dr. Abdulhalik Uygur

Khairul Anwar

Dr. Ahmed Mowafak Zidan

Abdul Malik Mujahid

Zuhri Yuhyi