Official Statement on the Current Palestine Crisis

"Human Rights are non-negotiable"
The International Union of East Turkistan Organizations (IUETO), extends our heartfelt condolences to the innocent lives of tragically lost. IUETO affirms that the stance with justice and against oppression as a duty of humanitarian and identity values of people of East Turkistan and condemns the killings of children, women, use of banned ammunition targeting civilians, replacement, and other human rights violations towards people of Palestine in recent attacks with depth empethy.

IUETO places a paramount emphasis on a humanitarian approach, steadfastly advocating for the protection of human rights, adherence to international law, and the steadfast functioning of international organizations and conventions. Meanwhile, The Palestine-Israel crisis has profound repercussions, extending beyond its epicenter to affect the broader region and world to impact the humanity negatively
IUETO unflinchingly upholds the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, affirming their entitlement to freedom and independence, in full recognition of these rights as acknowledged by the global community and UN bodies.

 IUETO unequivocally condemns the hypocrisy prevalent within the international system and its lamentable failure to ensure the promotion and guarantee of human rights, particularly in regions like Palestine and East Turkistan.

IUETO calls for an urgent and assertive resolution that unerringly upholds the rights of all involved parties in strict adherence to international law and human rights conventions. IUETO supports the principled stance of policymakers who prioritize substantive solutions for Palestine issue. IUETO also calls for urgent humanitarian aid to be provided to Palestinian civilians and urges the international community to work together to seek a solution to save innocent lives in Gaza and other parts of Palestine.
International Union of East Turkistan Organizations (IUETO)